The product was provided for writing a review by the store. In principle, the headphones are capable of playing any composition, but there is a possibility that the armature driver’s self-tuning mechanism will fail and the music will not sound. 9. Armature drivers – self-tuning – two 30095, which are responsible for the upper frequencies and two 50060, responsible for the middle frequencies. The TRN V90 uses 4 balanced armature drivers and one double dynamic. Perhaps the self-adjusting armature did something wrong) There are no prices for headphones for their $30 and future promo codes 11.11! If you want to try IEM headphones, then your acquaintance with this model will not leave you indifferent! A very worthy copy, and not just a change, but quite the one that can become your permanent way of broadcasting emotions from music. The TRN V90 uses 4 balanced drivers and 1 dual dynamic driver. The middle is not littered, there are no “bucket” and echoes. 5. For comparison, the frequency response of YouTube user Bad Guy: Probably the only composition that I came across, more precisely as a genre, is the music of a pop singer in the album Ainsi Soit Je (Polydor, 835 564-1, France) 1988, Mylene Farmer — Allan. Drive type: 3.5mm 3.

TRN V90 headphones

For example, in the composition Eminem, Dido — Stan, you can hear both the bass, the middle and the sound of rain, the sounds are clear, not sharp, distinguishable, Dido’s voice is heard with the softness characteristic of the composition.
The TRN V90 uses four rebars and one 10mm diamond/graphite blend film. The composition overflowing with instruments Rammstein — Moskau listens well, there is no porridge, the instruments are distinguishable. The composition sounds as if from the background, smooth, emotional presentation is weak.
Good smooth frequency response, the bass is slightly raised. Interchangeable tips: 3 pairs with large sound guide Resistance: 22Ω 1. A twisted four-core wire, good and high quality, does not cause disgust and negative emotions. The emotional presentation of music is preserved throughout the track and in every detail. To be honest, it’s difficult to start talking about the sound, because I’ve been listening to these headphones for a broken day, different genres, but I like everything. Eminem, Dido – Stan Example – Timo Maas -The first
. The headphones are light, the aluminum case feels cool in the hands, but they sit well in the ears (not cold). Xerox The drive in the composition KMFDM — Megalomaniac may not be enough, but the presentation still does not lose its emotionality: the drums are clear, they do not mix together. KMFDM – Megalomaniac
Standard delivery set: headphones in an aluminum shell with sound guides that enhance the bass, three pairs of silicone ear cushions and instructions. TRN headphones can be called universal. Wire length: 1.2m Headphones arrive, like the CS2 model, in a small box, but their prices differ significantly. They have a two-pin 0.75 mm connector: 10. Drivers: 2 rebar 30095 (top), 2 rebar 50060 and 10 mm from a mixture of diamond and graphite dynamic Example – Xerox
instrument in the TRN V90 is similar to the CCA NRA, with the correction that it is heard better during the drum (drum) moments. Headphones just perfectly convey the emotions of electronic music: you can feel in your ears how the TRN V90 shells move from the air coming out of the sound duct. Dual dynamic driver – . However, the song Elena Terleeva – The Sun, which belongs to pop culture, plays much better in headphones than the above two songs. 1. 2. Amazing emotions from listening to Mötley Crüe — Time for change, despite the fact that the presentation is a bit with an overabundance of high frequencies, but the chorus, hello – this is just a gorgeous performance and the implementation of soft and sonorous, a little with rudeness, voices. Headphones transmit overtones and sounds, bright and ringing drums in abundance.
They sit comfortably in the ears, they do not cause discomfort during long listening. The same impression, but with the correction that there is bass, is also heard in
Pink — Get the party started. With instrumental compositions, the headphones also, surprisingly, cope very well. I use them with medium ear pads, but the bass can, as always, be customized with other attachments. 8. The combination of output sound and price is like the golden ratio in mathematical theory. 2. Weight: 15g Very bright, dense and wide stage with elaborate elements, of which there are a lot in electronic music. Frequency range: 20Hz – 20000Hz Specifications: The song Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra — Thank you for taking to me Africa begins with the words of a chewing man; in other headphones, the beginning sounded as if from the second plan, but in the product on the review, the sound comes from the first scene (at the same time, the V90 model passed the tests for spacing and orientation by instruments depending on the position from the microphone, that is, this is not a defect in the headphones, but such a feature of the passage of a musical signal through them). 4. Sensitivity: 110 dB Headphones, according to the seller, are the best-selling in the store. Spoiler: the sound in the headphones will give odds to any models. The drivers used cope with their task for all 5 points out of 5!
The four sides of the headphones are shown below. There is not even a conversation about the price, which I like the sound quality relative to the declared amount, but in general: the pitch is more towards the dark side, the audibility and elaboration of echoes, the quality of performance in the upper register, the middle and the absence of drawdown over the entire frequency range – everything is at a good level in autumn (I will not speak excellent, then there will be no place left for more expensive headphones on the market)). The moment the car falls into the water and the resulting splashes, as well as the impact of the hull on the water, are not just audible, but audible, as in the rearguard, from the background. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules Everything in the headphones counts to balance the sound: the aircraft-grade aluminum housing and air ducts make the sound clear, bright and uncompromising. The singer’s voice is long, the abertonal component of the sounds is very long.
Headphones are visible inside, accessories are below: Headphone type: in-ear wired On the reverse side are the technical characteristics: Russian rock in headphones on the example of DDT – Old Woman Star is quite detailed, the middle is not squandered, the voice with a slight echo of metal is, in general, real Russian rock. 3. 7. The bass is balanced, not overbearing and has a long stretch. Connector type: 0.75
The length of the sound guide is 5 mm. 6. A flaw was found in the headphones – they can convey zero emotions and this is not very transferable to the explanation, or rather the reason for this behavior.