Since the topic of power banks has already gone, I will add a review-report on another excellent model from Xiaomi. • The current in the receiver is converted to DC and used to charge the mobile device. Please under cat. • The magnetic field is distributed to the receiver coil, for this they must be located close to each other; Only some models of gadgets that support Qi wireless charging can be charged in this way. This is a 10’000 mAh power bank that supports fast and wireless charging protocols. There is a USB Type-C output with PD/QC3.0 (9V/12V).

Qi wireless charger reviews

Qi Wireless Charging is a wireless charging standard for mobile devices developed by the Wireless Electromagnetic Energy Consortium. To function in the charger and smartphone, special induction coils are installed. The power bank has a built-in coil Qi Wireless / The device allows you to charge some smartphones without using cables. • alternating current is transmitted to the transmitter coil, where it induces a magnetic field; • The magnetic field created in the receiver generates a current in the coil; • voltage received from the electrical network is converted into high frequency alternating current; The device can charge up to three devices at the same time (!). Works on the basis of the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. Characteristics, capacitance, output currents are honest. Its main drawback is that in order to ensure normal charging efficiency, the smartphone must be installed directly on the charger. Energy transfer is carried out in 5 stages: