There are no traces of the firmware inside, but everything is done soundly.
A box with carrying handles and only on it it becomes clear to us that these sneakers are the life of “Health”.
Little things, but nice. A small plastic spacer is placed inside each shoe to prevent the shoes from creasing as a result of shipping.
This, of course, does not correspond to Soviet GOST, since we have an insole length of 270 mm. Very thoughtful, usually crumpled paper. Plain pressing with a pattern.
The heel is dense, will support the foot during exercise.
Although there is still a shoe size 43 and judging by the size grid, the length of the insole should be 265 mm. Trying on a young man. The product was provided for writing a review by the store. Good day to all. Perhaps how to use, or how to care. On the back side applied
sticky material to fix inside. The insole is covered with a fleecy material that collects all the debris. Conveniently tightened with laces.
Sturdy sneakers, do not smell, there are no threads, soft porous rubber on the sole. Most likely, the product is intended only for the domestic market, since the box is almost entirely in hieroglyphs. Which is confirmed on the insole itself.
The insole is also made of soft material, not orthopedic.
The tongue also says size 43 and insole length 265.
Of course, these are not branded sneakers, but the price differs for the better. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules
The sole does not include any frills. On the seller’s order page, there is a choice of regular and studded running shoes. Is it so good Hyundai or Health
Sneakers are designed in dark colors, and only the logo is made in a different color. A small review of sneakers from Hyundai. Well, that’s probably how it should be. Although happiness was so close.
Since the sneakers are intended for active life, the manufacturer put some literature on them.

Men’s black sneakers.

While walking or running, the legs do not get tired and do not sweat.