Pry off the front panel by prying around with a flat screwdriver.
Delivery time surprised:
We also release the cable cover with a screwdriver, the places where the front frame holding the display is held are marked on the left and right. Some time ago the Nokia 6303i Classic display broke.

Display on Nokia 6303

We unscrew 4 screws, then pry gently at the top As it turned out, it was not in vain that I chose this particular seller. Unscrew the two screws I really wanted to change the display, as usual, I looked for Ali, there were few positions, I thought about ordering or not, because there were few orders, as well as reviews. Everything is assembled in the reverse order.
We push the latches with a flat screwdriver, in general there are three latches, one on the left, one on the right and on the end (Marked in blue location)
Note all screws are asterisks.
We get access to the cable, pry it with a thin object, you can use the same screwdriver, remove it, change it.